Basic factors to look for while choosing a server dedicated only for your business
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Basic factors to look for while choosing a server dedicated only for your business

When you realize that your business has grown richer, you can move from your shared server to buying a server dedicated only for your company. A dedicated server would imply more resources for your business but before you buy the dedicated server, you better check for its performance, security, storage etc. But it is wiser to be more careful and dig into the deepest research to choose the dedicated server for your business.

Here are the top factors that you must consider as features for the dedicated server you are supposed to choose:

  • Choice of the operating system:

We have a multitude of choices even when it comes to choosing an operating system. The most widely used operating systems across the globe are Windows and Linux. Linux as an operating system is an open-source project and is suitable for servers like NGINX, Lighttpd etc. On the other hand, Windows is the supreme choice for hosting Microsoft based Active Server Page. Choose your operating system according to your needs and choice of your desired dedicated server.

  • Hardware:

Brand always works its miracle. Therefore make sure, the hardware is from a reputed brand with the assurance of productive performance and authenticity. A branded hardware part generally implies better performance with longer working span. There are various server programs that depend mostly on the speed of the processor and memory of the server to yield better performance.

  • Datacenter:

An uninterrupted running of the server is depended on the role played by the data centre. Depending on the level of service, a data centre is categorized into four tiers. Business servers of all types are managed efficiently by tier III and tier IV. This efficiency in the performance of tier III and IV in business-related servers is owned by their offer of best redundancy levels and server uptime. Location of the data centre is also a matter to be looked in to. The location should not be in a zone prone high tectonic activity and for better performance of the website, it is suggested that the location of data centre and user’s geographical location inhabit in the same place.

  • Security:

The service providers make use of tight and rigid security measures and often install advanced anti-spam ware and anti-virus software to protect your data in server from being the victim of any malware practice. Top service providers keep updating to beat newer versions of virus attacks. There are several other factors to be considered while choosing your ideal dedicated server. Visit R3E solution to know and receive more assistance while choosing your dedicated server.

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