5 reasons for not choosing cheap cloud hosting in 2019
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5 reasons for not choosing cheap cloud hosting in 2019

Price generally talks for the quality. Consider from the seller’s point of view, what profit he will make if he chooses to sell his high-quality item at a high price. Every good thing has its price and if you seek for quality and high efficiency, the price can be a little out of budget but it would also return higher results in the future. Or to say in other words, it is a smart investment. When you choose the right host for your website, it is already half the success. A Google search on the internet with filters on cost applied from low to high is our strategy while looking for a web hosting server. But being cheap is not everything, one must look for.

5 reasons why you should not choose cheap cloud hosting services in 2019:

  • Page loads at very slow speed:

Cloud hosting is generally chosen for its fast page load speed and scalability. Run research to make sure if the prices of the cloud hosting service are always cheaper or if there is some promo going on. For the former, it only implies that the server is hosted for multiple websites and is a shared hosting site. This will automatically affect the speed of the website load.

  • Negative impact on SEO and rankings:

Speed affects search engine optimization. Google will load the page faster depending on the rank assigned to the particular page. No with your slow website loading, the page will load even slower, which will have an impact on your Google page rank.

  • Uptime/Downtime issues:

Cheap hosting foretells server issues. There will be a lot of downtimes if your server happens to run down. This might be possible because a single host is shared by multiple websites with only limited bandwidth. Thus, in case of heavy traffic on one website, the speed of other websites will get affected invariably. With a lot of downtimes, the uptime of your website will be heavily affected.

  • Security:

Your cheap hosting service doesn’t assure security. Moreover, multiple website sharing the same host without a firewall makes your websites more prone to issues.

  • Customer support:

You running a website for your business don’t compel you to become tech-savvy. But cheap cloud hosting services do not provide good service to their clients. In the case of technical glitches, you need to be aware of the technical aspects to solve away the issue.

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