Trajectory and its usages with latest technology
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Trajectory and its usages with latest technology

Line described in the air or in space by a moving body and in particular by the center of gravity of a projectile. Curve described by a point in motion, relative to a given landmark.

The Trajectory effect is automatically applied to each element of the timeline in either Quick or Expert mode. The Motion effect allows you to position, rotate, and scale an element in a video image.

Function of the Trajectory:

The Official Directory also known as “Yearbook” is a tool used by companies in the national construction sector and the region, to locate and meet the companies that provide services, manufacture and distribute products, machinery, equipment and materials for construction, building or decoration. It is the official means of CGC to publicize the sector and other related sectors, the information of the companies associated with CGC, including the AGCC and ANACOVI trade unions, thus promoting their products, services, contact details and points of sale and / or distribution, as well as the main projects they develop.

Emerging technological trends in emerging companies

From the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain to data analysis, the impact of technology on the configuration of the growth trajectory of new companies extends across different sectors. One of the reasons to enjoy the support of technology is the rapid change in customer behavior. Today, millennials demand immediate satisfaction and short delivery times. With this huge young workforce, demand-driven segments need effective tools to meet the growing needs of consumers. Retail technology entrepreneurs are looking for more than an online presence. Becoming an omni-channel player tends to exceed the limits.

When describing the technological trajectory from 1987 to 2006 of a head used for neurosurgical skull interventions, the innovations made to it are made explicit; In addition, the social impact of their employment in the Neurosurgery services of the Manuel Ascunce Hospital in the province of Camagüey is revealed. It is valued that the improvement of this equipment guaranteed a better quality of the operative process and its results. Innovators enunciate how to couple it with other cutting-edge surgical technologies, for example, with the stereotactic framework and Leyla brain separators, as well as the independent use of one of its parts in the treatment of cervical lux fractures. All these innovations, if compared with the initial technology.

In order to perform neurosurgical interventions on the patient’s cephalic limb, it is necessary to have a flexible and, at the same time, rigid support, where the skull is fixed in a certain position to surgically approach it with the precise technique depending on the type of the cranial condition That support has been achieved with a technology called head. Technology has created unlimited opportunities and smartphone users can meet their needs with a single click. While online platforms that offer a multitude of options are not lacking, true winners can retain customer interest. As the range of interest is shrinking, it is imperative that entrepreneurs first invest in understanding the size of the market and the reaction of customers to products. After a focused study, the CEO can adjust the market strategy to increase its presence. And technology is what entrepreneurs can understand and formulate.

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