Artificial intelligence protection of personal data and cyber attacks
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Artificial intelligence: protection of personal data and cyber attacks

In just a few years, Artificial Intelligence has become the technology to which companies have had to adapt and apply their field of activity. Between competitiveness and improved performance, companies have had no choice but to enter the digital era. But during this conquest of Artificial Intelligence, have they planned the protection of our personal data?

The fields of application of Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence is very profitable in our society, we do not see because it certainly is in the shade but the AI can predict our needs and to respond with anticipation. Nowadays, if we receive our parcels so quickly it is thanks to the companies that anticipate the demand and distribute the stocks according to the predicted demand.  The AI can also tell you the best routes to avoid traffic jams. Using geolocation data from your Smartphone or GPS, it can analyze traffic status in real time. Indeed, we can now predict the exact time and place where an individual cheats on the subway, allowing controllers to be in the right place at the right time.

The protection of personal data, a brake on artificial intelligence

However, there is a certain limit to the use of Artificial Intelligence since the algorithm will use personal data to predict and analyze behaviour. Artificial Intelligence also knows certain moral limits because it can sometimes make decisions that are questionable from an ethical point of view. At the same time, regions in the world that allow unlimited exploitation of data will have a greater potential for research and development than territories where regulation prevents the development.

Embrace the AI or be supplanted

The protection of personal data, while worthy of reflection, can be compared to other misgivings throughout the history of science. In the early days of modern medicine, peoples who refused to dissect bodies for religious reasons became overwhelmed by science. This is a similar situation that you face with artificial intelligence. Ethics, although it must remain everywhere on the debate around AI, must not unduly restrict the work of researchers and companies. At the risk of them being left behind by countries that, in addition to having greater investments in AI will benefit from a more favourable legal framework.

Combined intelligence The other strength of AI is intelligence combined. A computer system consists of different software components, each with its own security mechanisms and activity logs, its logs. An analytic system can continuously monitor the set for trends across all systems in the given infrastructure. An artificial intelligence can build a complete view of the actions each user performs, allowing them to better track malicious actions and eliminate false alarms. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the signal-to-noise ratio is improved and, with it, the average detection and response times “. Many security systems using artificial intelligence are a whole new challenge for attackers: not only must they deceive the security controls, but they must do it intelligently, with finesse and subtlety.

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