Building Success: Insights from 7 Leading SaaS Companies
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Building Success: Insights from 7 Leading SaaS Companies

What is SaaS?

Software as a service, popularly called SaaS, is the way technology solutions are made available via the internet to facilitate some task performed by users. You have probably had contact with a list of SaaS businesses and companies without even knowing that they were categorized as such. A prime example of SaaS is Google Drive , which is hosted by Google, which takes responsibility for potential tool failures and improvements.

 Its main feature is easy access, since these software and hardware are online, there is no need to install them on the computer, and only need the internet connection to serve the user. Tools that use this system can also be called web-based, on-demand or hosted software that runs on the servers of the companies that provide this service and is your responsibility, not the organization that uses it. The goal is that the company no longer has to buy, pay the license, keep the software up to date. None of it! The program is on the internet, just access and use it!

SaaS companies are organizations that develop and market software, considered as services. They are responsible for maintaining the structure of the system and making it available to their customers. In addition, they are also responsible for maintaining data security, ensuring the reliability of solutions. Other examples of SaaS are: Email; Calendars; Storehouses. What are the benefits of SaaS? SaaS enterprise solutions are increasingly conquering organizations. This is due to the benefits they present to organizations, such as: Easy access SaaS solutions allow easy access to its functionality, mainly because it is not a specific application, which is only accessible after going through several bureaucratic steps. The seven leading SaaS compines are Microsoft, IBM,SAP, Oracle,  HP, Adobe, EMC

 You can work from wherever you need it, as the tool is hosted in the cloud and you only need the internet to get started. Constant Improvements Because these are digital and cloud products, these applications must always meet changing network demands. With this, the user wins, always enjoying the latest improvements. Lowest cost Enjoying good tools and paying little is every entrepreneur’s dream and this idea is part of the essence of what is SaaS. SaaS does not require maintenance and upgrade costs as they are web based and are the responsibility of their providers. How to use SaaS correctly? Now that you know what SaaS is, you need to know how to use it correctly.

  • For its use to be effective, pay attention to the following factors:
  • Analyze the data Regardless of the tools you use in your organization,
  • it is always recommended to be aware of the results they are generating.

To do this, analyze the data and monitor its use. Evolve along with the tools If the SaaS business applications you use have stopped updating or no longer meet your demands, don’t stick to them. Always seek the best for the development of your company. Now that you know what it is, know some examples of SaaS and its companies, it’s time to bring this concept to your company, no more wasting time!

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