Facebook's After-the-Fact Oversight
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Facebook’s After-the-Fact Oversight

The changes on Facebook that we have witnessed in recent times have been numerous, mainly because the social network does not want to stay outdated concerning other applications such as Twitter or Instagram. You have probably not heard of others because they are still in the process of dissemination among the more than 2 billion users of the Mark Zuckerberg network. In any case, we will make a compilation of the most significant changes that the platform has carried out in the last three years. Facebook launches a more straightforward new design for its web version.

The most significant transformation of Facebook in recent years

A unique design that aims to improve the user experience, facilitating navigation among the most popular tools of the social network, such as groups. Through tabs at the top, “dedicated experiences” of each device will be shown, an independent view within the same social network, which includes separate feeds in which only updates, in the case of groups, of those will be seen that you follow, among other options such as suggestions. This redesign comes from the idea of ​​Mark Zuckerberg to create Facebook based on privacy: more private spaces in a more intuitive platform with which the vast social network hopes to recover the engagement of its users.

The optimization of the Facebook Ads campaign budget will be mandatory 

From next February 2020, the budget optimization on Facebook will be carried out at the campaign level, not the ad group, a relevant change since it will apply to new and existing advertising campaigns on the platform. Thus, advertisers will be able to establish a general budget that will be distributed to the best-performing ad sets, using the Facebook algorithm, which represents some advantages:

The social network informed through a statement that friends are not the only reason why people come to Facebook. Among the indicators that Facebook takes into account to prioritize this content over another is the time that users have followed these pages or have been part of a group, the frequency with which it relates and interacts with this content and the frequency with that a page or group publishes, that although for a long time it was thought that posting regularly would affect the positioning, 

The Facebook Ads Manager has a new design and features,the Facebook Ads Manager changed its interface by improving navigation by integrating a cleaner design, so that advertisers can better manage their campaigns : it includes a new navigation bar, a new copy and paste function to create ads, and a new automatic naming function, designed to help advertisers customize their campaigns more quickly and efficiently.

New bidding options for your campaigns

Facebook also introduced a new bid strategy in addition to the bid limit, which focuses on the volume of conversion, or the cost per target focused on the predictability of the price according to the target audience. Conversion Rate Ranking:  With these relevant diagnoses, advertisers will know what modifications to make in their ads to improve performance, such as audience segmentation, after-click experience, or changes in content assets.

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