Autonomous Linux and the IT Utility
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Autonomous Linux and the IT Utility

Linux is an operating system, just like Windows or MacOS X. It allows you to work as you would under Windows. But it works differently. Linux now has a nice, comfortable and easy-to-use graphical system. Linux is an operating system. In fact, Linux is only the core (the so-called ” kernel “) of the GNU / Linux operating system. Unlike Windows whose GUI is imposed on you, there are different graphical interfaces under Linux, the main ones being Gnome, KDE and XFCE. It’s even possible to run Linux without a GUI, or even launch the GUI only when you want.

The best accounting utilities for Linux

As you may know, unfortunately the January slope has begun, in which the accounting skills of people to square all accounts are tested. These tasks are performed much more easily with a good accounting program than with a calculator and paper.

a) Homebank:  Homebank is of French origin and has as its main characteristics the possibility of importing data from other programs. It detecting the dreaded duplicates accounts and is available in more than 56 languages. It has the peculiarity that it is also available for the Windows operating system. To download, go to the official website of this accounting program.

b) Buddi: One of the best existing accounting programs for Linux whose main attraction is the possibility of adding its own extensions or plugins to fully customize the program. In addition it also has enough tools to import files from other accounting programs or even spreadsheets.

c) Kmymoney: A very popular accounting package included in the famous KDEapps included in KDE desktops, also running in other non-KDE desktops. Although the program is somewhat old, it has elements necessary for a program of this type such as being very easy and intuitive to use if you are a newbie. To download it, download the KDEapps if you have KDE or the separate program in any repository.

d) LibreOffice Calc: To perform accounting tasks you could not miss the Libre Office spreadsheet, which is ideal for you if you are a person who only needs to make a simple table and does not want to complicate life much.

Benefits of GNU / Linux:

You can often install a Linux system without paying a penny, or buy technical support with some Linux distributions. In short we have the choice between investment time and money.

  • Insensitivity to viruses, spyware and other threats that target almost all Windows only.
  • Very wide choice: there are plenty of Linux distributions, so we can find one that covers its needs.
  • No more hacking software: most are free, and legally usable.
  • Updates are centralized: the operating system and applications update together.
  • Less demanding in material resources.
  • To install an application, the hard part is to remember his name, no need to search the publisher’s site.
  • Applications are translated into many languages; untranslated messages presented to the user are rare.

Advantages of Linux as a forensic tool

1. It is free. In addition to the savings that this entails, its licensing system allows the expert to have several systems specialized in different problems.

2. There are many free (and paid) tools developed for this operating system.

3. There are many distributions that provide ready-to-use sets of forensic tools. 4. It is easy to have an autonomous system (LIVE CD) that allows access to the systems to be analyzed without modifying the content of the system.

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