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Salesforce and Microsoft in another Deal

The advances in alliances with Apple, Microsoft and AWS and in the integration of Mulesoft and Tableau, the last two major purchases made by Salesforce, will focus Dreamforce, the annual event that the giant of the CRM starts today in San Francisco.

One more year Salesforce celebrates its great annual global event and does, as always, in San Francisco, the city that saw the birth of this giant of the CRM in the cloud that aspires to harvest 20,000 million dollars in 2022. It is expected that more than 170,000 people come to this event that starts today and ends this Friday and whose stage will be speakers like Barack Obama, former president of the United States, Tim Cook, executive director of Apple or football star David Beckham , between others.

Dreamforce will also be the meeting where the company’s executives, with Mark Benioff and Keith Block at the helm, will reveal what their road map will be for the next times ; a path marked by great alliances and the integration of the two largest purchases made by Salesforce: Mulesoft , whose acquisition was completed in May 2018 for 6,500 million dollars, and Tableau , which was finalized last August and which reaches 15.7 billion dollars, being, in fact, the largest absorption operation carried out by the technology to date.

Apple, Microsoft and AWS, the big partners

At a time when collaboration between companies is imposed in the technological scenario, Salesforce is no exception in this matter. The company announced in the Dreamforce last year an alliance with Apple to bring its platform to the mobile devices of the apple company. The novelty of this year is that this agreement is already bearing fruit: the Salesforce mobile app has been redesigned to improve the user experience on iPhone phones and iPad tablets, while privacy has been optimized and capabilities have been added multifunction

On the other hand, Salesforce has launched a training application (Trailhead Go) with exclusive functions of iOS and iPadOS. And both companies have also introduced Salesforce Mobile SDK, which will allow programmers to create applications for iPhone and iPad on the Salesforce platform itself. The meeting is expected that the top leaders of Salesforce and Apple, Marc Benioff and Tim Cook, delve into these developments that Bret Taylor, Salesforce product director, was already advancing to the press, ensuring that both companies “are training the professionals of sales, services and marketing to offer experiences that will change the lives of customers thanks to artificial intelligence. “

The news in alliances that Salesforce with large cloud players such as Microsoft (whose Azure platform is moving its marketing cloud) or AWS (with whom it has an agreement around the information model in the cloud) will also be, predictably, protagonists in the event.

Integration of Mulesoft and Tableau Other focuses of the meeting will also be the integrations of Mulesoft and Tableau. Regarding the latter, very recent, there are still many elements in the air. Neither company has detailed how it will combine both technologies, although the Salesforce CTO recognized the press the day before the event the objective of the CRM Company to focus even more on the data and to help customers visualize it and analyze it using the Tableau platform.

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