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How Does Technology Increase Workplace Productivity

Work in modern organizations is connected with the fact that there are processes that relate with external organizations and their complication.  The main problem in conducting company management can be considered the solution of a combination of poorly formalized problems (identifying patterns and processes associated with extracting knowledge from information data). When their solution is carried out, it will be advisable to draw on the experience of employees. Its accumulation is in the knowledge bases that are included in expert systems and corresponding software systems.

Labor productivity can be considered as one of the key indicators of the effectiveness of the company. This is of interest especially at present, when the most important tasks are measures to preserve the profitability of the business. Improving efficiency can be carried out on the basis of IT-technologies. In order to implement the design and installation of highways, it is necessary to purchase all the necessary components, cables, equipment and tools. In order to organize the installation and operation of fiber-optic networks, it is necessary to calculate many indicators that determine constant and changing costs, investment features for social.

Low values of labor productivity can be considered as the most significant problem that hinders the competitiveness of domestic organizations. The relevance of this problem for the conditions of the recession is only increasing.  For domestic organizations, in some cases, the process of labor organization can be built up in a not very inefficient way.  In practice, there were enterprises in which for production losses the value would be almost half the turnover. Losses during downtime, delays in the supply of components, low level of organization of repairs, insufficient qualifications in the field of organization of production in general. If we analyze all these losses, optimize, in particular and eliminate non-targeted costs, then the amount of savings in terms of volumes can be compared with a massive staff reduction.

Why is such a problem likely to occur?

Some believe that it appeared in Soviet times, and quite a lot of effort needs to be made in order to have opportunities to reach a level comparable to leading economic countries. Under existing conditions, within the structure of questions about what is productivity, two problems are observed, which for many years few have dealt with: providing motivation and organizing labor.

Another reason that there is low productivity is a feature of the current economic situation and sometimes the state takes a passive position in solving problems associated with improving efficiency. There is a need to develop and support work related to the standardization of internal control systems, risk management, and internal audit support. Without using such elements, it is difficult to ensure that strategic goals are achieved and shareholders’ interests are respected while efficiency is growing. With the transition of many sectors of the economy to the use of information technology, it was possible to observe that the costs of information, consulting and other services increased sharply. For the current stage of technology development, information support of production is of great importance. Different systems associated with the transmission of information (computer networks, communications equipment) can be considered as a necessary condition for any enterprise to function.

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