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How IT Managed Services Companies Provide Solutions for Midsize Enterprises

Compared to large enterprises, medium and small businesses have several competitive advantages:

  • The ability to quickly respond to customer requests.
  • The ability to quickly make management decisions.
  • Business mobility, quick adaptation to external changes.
  • Fast response to information leakage threats.

These advantages are especially noticeable for companies working in the service sector (restaurant and hotel business, service, etc.), trade (food and household stores, pharmaceuticals as well as small-scale ones productions.

IT – solutions that improve customer service

CRM system allows companies to consider and analyze contacts with customers. It is necessary for enterprises with an extensive customer base, a long cycle of interaction with customers, as well as a complex composition of products and services. CRM systems make the sales and customer service process more structured, measurable and manageable.

Tells the practitioner

The CRM system is primarily needed for companies that have an extensive customer base, a long cycle of customer interaction, and a complex composition of products and services. When choosing a CRM system, you need to analyze it by at least two parameters:

Business – tasks that CRM-system solves. Please note that systems that cope with the tasks of corporate business are unsuitable for solving the problems of the retail sector. When choosing a CRM system for your company, check: perhaps, in addition to the basic functionality, highly specialized solutions exist that are created or adapted specifically for your industry.

Call center. Modern call centers allow you to increase the number of processed calls and minimize their losses, improve the quality of customer service by phone, reduce the waiting time on line.  In addition, call centers provide the following features: information services; promotion support; telephone sales; a reminder service.  To improve the quality of customer service, you will need to integrate the work of the call center with various services of the company: the sales department, the warranty and after-sales service department. As a result of the introduction of such I T – solutions:

  • Significantly improved the quality of service
  • Increased speed of processing telephone calls
  • The quality of communication between operators and users has improved
  • The performer got the opportunity to work with undistorted data

How to order an effective IT solution

The algorithm for ordering IT solutions consists of several stages:

  • Setting a business task. You need to clearly define the business – the task that you want to solve using information technology.
  • Choosing an IT provider. The choice is best made by tender. The main selection condition is an understanding by a potential supplier of your tasks and clearly explains your proposals and the willingness to dialogue in finding the solution you need.
  • Finding the best IT solution. The client is an expert and specialist in his business, the provider of IT solutions is in his own. The General Director of the enterprise must formulate the strategic goals of the company. The task of the IT provider is to find the optimal IT solution based on these business tasks. There are standard approaches, but the optimal solution always considers the peculiarities of the business.
  • Formative the cost of IT solutions. The cost of IT solutions consists of the price of the IT products themselves, the cost of implementation, maintenance of the system, and expert advice.

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