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eLearning – An Ideal way to provide corporate training to workforce

The companies which are now using e-learning for providing training to their workforce are increasing but unfortunately at a very low pace. A recent study was done on the market by renowned research agency Research and Markets and their findings show that the global market for the technology-enabled learning solutions will experience an annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 17.81% during the period 2016-2020.

Getting a suitable technique or methodology for providing corporate training to the staff s of the company is a must to remain competitive in the market. Lack of adequate training will create a serious impact on recruitment as well as on employee retention. Even, the company may also face a struggle in upskilling its staff, which can process hinder the growth and productivity of the company.

Earlier classroom learning was known to be the most favored training method. But technological advancement changed the mindset and in recent times, several companies are making a strong shift towards eLearning. In case you are wondering and how come eLearning emerging out as a preferred choice for providing corporate training to employees and workforce. There are certain benefits associated with eLearning which is making this medium of corporate training a better choice over classroom training. 

Cost-effective training option:

E-learning lower down the logistical costs, for example, the cost of traveling involved and accommodation to be provided to the learners as well as instructors to a great extent. It will reduce training costs by about 40%. Another advantage is that the eLearning course is made once and can be used multiple times and thus lowers training costs. 

Learning anywhere and anytime possible: 

E-learning courses are very easy to access. You can read the course anytime and anywhere, using any of the electronic devices you have and all that you need is an internet connection. This allows the learners to decide own mode of learning on their preferred time and place. In short, learners can take charge of their mode of learning.

Consistency in the training quality:

The online learning format remains instructor-independent. This supports in ensuring consistency in training quality. The training quality will not be dependent on trainer abilities and will be equal for all learners. The eLearning medium provides the scope to standardize the delivery process of content, leading to better training of the employees and the workforce.

Fulfilling Global and Multilingual needs of employees: 

eLearning materials are easy to translate in multiple languages fast, at an economical cost. This will make it easy to fulfill the needs of the global manpower of the company, which uses multiple languages for communication, in a professional manner. 

Saving Papers with Carbon print reduction: 

E-learning can be defined as a green learning format capable to reduce the carbon footprint and lower down the use of paper which you need to distribute training material to learners. In short, you contribute towards conserving forests. 

The above points justify the fact as to why eLearning is emerging out as one of the preferred choices for giving corporate training. 

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