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Will this Start-up Become the Amazon of the Credit Space?

Although Amazon will now have a data enter installed for its AWS operation. The company’s presence is already years old, not only for providing business solutions to many local companies, but also for its programs, training and loyalty for start ups business.

Below are some tips for Start-up to Become the Amazon of the Credit Space:

1 – Propose potential solutions to potential problems

The key before starting a business is to propose viable solutions for a viable customer in a viable market, beyond the point of balance that covers the costs. Therefore, the learn develop learn cycle is essential. Those customers validate the idea and the project.

2. Find great ideas behind everyday problems

Great business ideas are much closer to everyday issues, which can be put in a lot of technology, a platform to hire people for household chores or home arrangements that operates in the Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, and that also offers them financial services. That is why it is essential to listen and understand the customer from the beginning of the business.

3. Ask the right questions to customers

It is more common for a start-up to disappear due to lack of customers than due to lack of product. What to ask before starting? When interviewing potential clients it is easy to make mistakes. Instead of asking “do you like such an application?” It is better to inquire “what is your problem?” Or instead of consulting “would you pay for this?” it is better to say “how much does this problem cost you?

4. Understand the life of the entrepreneur as a roller coaster

Once the venture manages to attract investors and reach scale, nothing ends. Some problems disappear and others appear. The entrepreneur stressed that there is never a right time to start a business, despite the country’s economic context. “Starting does not always mean being 100% dedicated to the project.

5. Know the cost of each client

Most entrepreneurs need to assess how much it costs us to get each client and how much money they will leave us. With little money you can prove the value of reaching each client.

6. Accelerator support

They are firms that provide support and tools to start-ups in the initial stages. There are funds everywhere that seek to invest in companies, especially those that have a social impact. It is important to relieve all that exist and apply to all, again and again

7. Amazon was also born as a start up

The e-commerce company, today the company with the highest stock market value in the world – founded by Jeff Bezos, also the richest man with a personal wealth of more than $ 110.8 billion – was also born as a start up in the mid ’90. “The component for innovation is the idea, coffee and the cloud, which helps keep the ideas available worldwide,” joked Vinicius Senger, technical evangelist of Amazon Web Services.

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