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Shared hosting vs. Word press hosting: Which one should you use?

Choosing a suitable web hosting plan for your website is an essential prerequisite. Choosing a wrong hosting plan might affect your purpose. For the beginners or those who are creating a website for the first time, there are two famous choices they have to make to execute their hosting plan, WordPress Hosting and Shared hosting.

Shared hosting is suitable for creators who are running low on finance. It is a low-cost web hosting plan which allows the user to share a portion of the server with other website holders.

WordPress hosting, on the other hand, gives the user the freedom to either opt for a shared server or a completely individual server. This can be an individual choice depending on your budget and need.

There are various plans for web hosting which varied on the basis of features and pricing.

Shared Hosting plan

Shared hosting plan runs on and WAN servers. In this plan, an individual server is shared by numerous websites.

Shared hosting has become a popular choice with the growing rates of startups every year. It is a helpful choice for smaller websites and those who are newly formed, owing to their effective low price.

Drawbacks of shared hosting plans

While cost is the major benefit of this plan, shared hosting can affect the website’s performance. The website happens to get slow if there is traffic in other sites. Security is another major concern.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting can be used for an individual website or even shared depending on your needs. It is optimized according to the needs of the WordPress website. WordPress assure better performance of the site and the securing needs utilizing the perks of the WordPress platform.

Benefits of using WordPress hosting plan

There are many benefits which you can enjoy if you opt for WordPress hosting. Few benefits are:

  • automatic WordPress updates
  • access to pre-installed sites
  • dedicated WordPress support

Many hosts provide unmanaged and managed WordPress hosting plans.

Unmanaged plans do not provide any assistance to site optimization and server management is taken care of by the user. Managed hosting plans are a bit expensive.

Though it seems shared hosting is cheap and reasonable but you will see the shared plan of the WordPress Hosting is as affordable as the shared hosting plan.


Ultimately, you need to asses as the site owner, which plan will be effective and suitable for you that can give the best of results R3esolution InfoTech is a software company that provides assistance in choosing the right hosting plan along with providing space for your website in the web server.

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