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Difference between web servers and application servers

In simple language, server is a computer that provides stored information to other computers. It is a computer that deals with other computers unlike others that deal with users. It may serve a small area or a wide area depending on the type of network. It may provide a data to systems on local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) over the internet.

Internet is a miraculous discovery of this era. It has brought distances together and information and data on our fingertips. A server connects our computer to the website; it is hosting to provide the information and facts to the user operating. There are many types of servers like web servers, mail servers, application servers etc. Each type run a software specific to their service.

Web and application servers are one of the types of servers. While the former delivers web pages to users, application servers’ deals with the operations of the back end applications with the users.

A web server provides the information like data, photograph etc. requested by a user’s from a certain website.

On the other hand, the application server is a program that runs application programs on a distributed network.

Web servers  Application servers
Web servers serves single or static contentApplication server serves dynamic purposes along with web page delivering as one of the purpose.
Web servers supports scripting languages of computer like Perl, PHP etc.2.Application servers supports scripting along with application legal services such as transaction support connection pooling , etc
Web servers do not support multithreading for users.3. Application server assists multithreading as well as distributed transaction.
Web servers are consisted of web and servlet container. Web servers can employ EJB.4. Application servers is consisted of web and EJB containers and web server is also contained by it.
It uses HTTP protocol and HTML.5.Application server make use of graphical user interface and protocols like RPC/RMI including HTTP
Load limit is not very high6.Capacity of application server is higher
Provides assistance in running web application along with Caching and scalability7.Application servers provides to run web as well as enterprise applications.

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