Top IT Trends For 2019 And Beyond
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Top IT Trends For 2019 And Beyond

It is time to take all information of what is happening in the present (in regards to Information Technology) and let’s see what are already. The 10 main trends of digital transformation, to this is already very close 2019.

1. – From fixed 5G to mobile 5G:  If you are a world traveler or subscribed to certain networks of “developing” countries, it is common to join 3G zones from time to time without realizing it. So what is the problem with 5G now? In short, we are finally in a place where we will begin to see 5G everywhere. If you have been following the technology community, you will have seen that there are a lot of fixed and test implementations with companies.

2. – Block chain finally understood:  As we continue to explore this “Miraculous Technological Ledger”, we have realized that Block chain is too difficult for the laity at this time. There is no normal way to use it because we all want to use it different way. The only way to get mass adoption of Block chain is to create a Plug-and-Play version that we can all use and understand. The financial company is also study this closely, as well as a large number of applications in the transport of goods and services.

3. – From Data to Analysis, from Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence:  at the center of all these technological trends and at the center of this list is the axis of many of these trends and of the digital transformation as a whole.

Data is important so that companies can make good decisions about products, services, employees, strategies and more. Of all this we are sure that we will not see a slowdown in the short term. As recent data has shown that we have created 90% of global data in the last year, research also shows that we are only using 1% of the data effectively. With a better processing power that can enlarge machine learning; we will see digital leaders investing in making more of all their data.  We consider that the 1% figure will increase to 3 or 4% by 2020, which may appear small but it is a massive increase in data utilization.

4. – The General Data Protection Regulation will be imposed even more:  As of August 2018, approximately one third of companies still did not comply with the (GDPR), whose goal is to provide huge layers of data protection to users. They are not yet available, usually because they don’t care enough about data security so that GDPR is a priority. What does this mean in terms of the Digital Transformation trends for 2019? It means that informed customers will start to see which companies really care about protecting their data and which companies really do not. We suppose that the GDPR is the beginning of a more global trend that will hold companies responsible for the way they treat privacy and personal data. While brands do not necessarily want to obey, this movement will serve as a warning for companies to discover better ways to establish genuine relationships with their audience.

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