What role does culture play in digital transformation
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What role does culture play in digital transformation?

A great change in the company usually accompanies the digital transformation. It implies changes in the mentality of all the people who are part of it — in their organization, adopting new processes, ways of working and relating.

The most difficult part of a transformation is a cultural change.

Even though cultural change is very important in digital transformation, it is complex and takes a long time to accomplish. It is about getting both employees and employers to adapt to a culture of constant change.

Companies can no longer limit themselves to making a change this year and relax for the next five until the next change. That is why the need arises to establish a new rhythm of continuous renewal in business, a pace that advances as does the industry in which we work and live every day.

However, in digital transformation, contrary to what is usually thought, technology is not as important as culture is. Culture is closely linked to how technology is adopted, and the ability to innovate depends directly on it.

Not only the new online business brands (such as Amazon, Google, and Alibaba) have dominated this process. Even the most traditional companies, which were already in the market long before the Internet appeared, are transforming their business culture to adapt to change. The successful organizations have one thing in common: they understand and prioritize digitalization. Starting from that base, they do not separate the digital environment from the more traditional operations. It combines their efforts in an omnichannel strategy, to reach a greater number of clients, both online and offline.

Also, digital transformation is not limited to large companies. Each business, regardless of its size, can move towards the digitalization of its processes, products, and/or services. However, those responsible for these businesses should start thinking first about digital (digital-first), with proactive marketing campaigns and an increasingly electronic work environment. It is not an easy task, but here we leave you the four keys to sustainable digital transformation:

1. Evaluate the level of the digital culture of your business.

Before making any major changes, it is essential to assess the situation of the company and its processes. It will help you recognize weaknesses and strengths to determine the adaptation strategy in the digital transformation.

2. Set concrete and measurable objectives.

To achieve a sustainable digital transformation, those responsible must convey the urgency and importance of change, beyond financial accounting, with concrete and measurable objectives. If these are shared with employees and they get involved (for example, increase the acquisition of leads from potential customers by 50% in the next 12 months), an important step towards success is advanced.

3. Preach by example.

For the workers of a company, it is important to see that the transformation starts from above. If managers fail to lead by example, it is better to replace them to ensure the success of the digital transformation. The digital transformation is a real challenge, especially for traditional businesses, but any company can succeed in the digital environment.

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