How servers work complicated operation of a server is a myth
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How servers work: complicated operation of a server is a myth

We as users assume that computer and technologies related topics is rocket science. There are concepts which are difficult to understand and we dump our curiosities of machine working along with that. And so is the case with computer servers. But the reality is far beyond that. Computer servers work much simpler than what we expected it to be.

A server stores all files and content associated with websites that are hosted by it so that it can be accessible to all the users in their computers or your mobile devices. A website is hosted by these servers and every time a user visits the website, the domain server makes it accessible to him.

To understand in a simple way, whenever you click on a URL or type the website link on your internet browser, your computer or mobile device communicates with the server that hosts the website so that you can view the content of that website.

How does the server process?

The URL you typed breaks down into three parts.

  1. The hypertext transfer protocol(HTTP) is the exclusive language that computers use to communicate.
  2. The name of the domain. The domain name system (DNS) translates the domain name that we typed into a numerical protocol address, preferably known as IP address.
  3. The file name is the third part. The file name you entered in the URL relates to all the files, images, computer language style sheets, fonts and others that are relevant to your file name in the particular website.

The browser we are using like Firefox, Chrome or explorer translates the server name into an IP address and with that IP address, the browser connects to a server of that particular website.

Web hosting is prerequisite in all websites so that it can be accessible in the World Wide Web. Web hosting presents the websites to general users to access it. Unlike our internet service providers, a server has a fixed IP address. The browser uses the IP address to access the HTML code so that you can view the site.  As soon as our computer or the mobile device connects, your browser sends a request to view the content of the particular file. The computer requests for the file that you have typed in the third part of the URL. When the connection is established between your device and server, the server sends the HTML texts of the file which is converted into legible data by your computer. And thus the website pops up on your screen and these elaborate processes only take seconds to implement. R3esolution InfoTech is an IT company that provides services in all IT technical issues since 2009. They host websites through their servers and offers a full package of other facilities along with simple web hosting.

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